Trio Oil Pack

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Trio Oil Pack: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Chilli Oil, Extra Virgin Garlic Oil

Take your taste buds on a journey with our Trio Extra Virgin Oil Pack! It's the ultimate combination for adding depth, spice, and flavor to your culinary creations. Get ready to explore a world of taste!

Unleash the possibilities with these extraordinary oils:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A classic for salads, sautés, and drizzles. It's the heart and soul of Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Extra Virgin Chilli Oil: Spice up your dishes with a fiery kick! Perfect for adding heat to stir-fries, marinades, and more.

  • Extra Virgin Garlic Oil: Infuse your cooking with the rich aroma and flavor of garlic. Ideal for sautéing, roasting, and dipping.