Rouge Lisse Merlot Muscat

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Ripe Muscat dominates the aroma. It is like a bag of musk sticks straight from the lolly counter.

An experimental batch which blends Merlot and Muscat for a luscious rich taste sensation. The merlot adds depth and body and some rich strawberry notes in the mid palate. The Turkish delight notes from the Muscat combine to totally fill the palate. The bubbles temper the sweetness and a clean acid note ensures the wine finishes smooth & crisp and avoids been cloying.

Great to accompany dessert. Was Pavlova invented by us Aussies for this? Add it to Chocolate truffles and you are truly indulging.

SERVING TEMPERATURE These sparkling wines are made to be served cold – less than 4 C. Store for 24 hours in a domestic fridge prior to opening or leave in wet ice for 2-3 hours.