2021 Still Shiraz

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Peterson House 2021 Still Shiraz: A Taste of Time and Tradition

Introducing the Peterson House 2021 Still Shiraz, a wine that embodies the essence of craftsmanship and tradition. Crafted with care and expertise, this Shiraz reflects the rich heritage and dedication that define Peterson House wines.

Tasting Notes: This Still Shiraz offers a glimpse into the 2021 vintage. The wine presents itself with a deep, inviting ruby red hue, hinting at the vibrancy within.

Bouquet: The aroma unfolds gracefully. It's a tapestry of dark berries, warm spices, and subtle oak, inviting you to savor every nuance.

Palate: A sip reveals a harmonious blend of flavors. Ripe blackberries and plums dance on your palate, complemented by notes of vanilla and a touch of black pepper. The wine's structure is a testament to careful aging, with soft tannins and well-integrated oak providing depth and complexity. The finish is long and elegant, leaving a lingering memory of the vintage's character.

Food Pairing: The Peterson House 2021 Still Shiraz is a versatile companion to a range of dishes. Pair it with grilled meats, hearty stews, or even a charcuterie platter to elevate your dining experience.

Serving Temperature: To fully appreciate its nuances, serve this Still Shiraz at a temperature of 16-18°C. Allow it to breathe in your glass, and you'll be rewarded with its full expression.