Thank you so much for your help

Hi Eloise and Izzy, 

Thank you so much for your help and professionalism in hosting our wedding at Peterson House.

We had such an amazing day and all our guests loved the venue - we got so many compliments on how stunning the grounds are!

The chapel is breathtaking and the food and service were excellent. 

We would strongly recommend anyone wanting to get married to have it at Peterson House :)

I've included a couple of our photos of our special day, thank you again.

One of the biggest appeals for us when deciding where to get married was that we can come back to Peterson's to 're-live' our wedding day with a nice breakfast or lunch anytime we like, and we definitely plan to do so. 

In terms of final invoices - when you have the time would someone be able to send us what we owe for happy hour drinks and any other expenses?

I hope the day went smoothly for you both, we were very lucky to have some amazing vendors and friends because as far as we know everything just 'happened' without any major hiccups. 

Thank you both - you guys are amazing! 

Kind regards, 

Arabella and Stuart Johnston

May 2021