Peterson House - The best of our Semillon Range

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Peterson House - The best of our Semillon Range


Semillon is well known here in the Hunter Valley, as it thrives in our warmer climate. When people visit the Valley, we often get asked what are the most popular wines, and the answer for whites is always you have to try a range of Semillon.

Here at Peterson House we have many different varieties of Semillon. From our sparkling aged, to our still, plus a range of blends including the popular Semillon Pinot Noir. Each different Semillon is unique that brings different tastes to the palate that you can enjoy.

Peterson House Sparkling 2007 Semillon Museum Release 

Peterson House sparkling wine semillon museum release

Bright Gold in colour, with a sprightly fine bead. The aroma is both rich and fresh. It’s like fresh bread with olive oil. Toasty warm but with a citrus lift.

This wine is an expression of aged Semillon with the freshness and lift of sparkling. The front palate offers a multitude of toasty, baked bread and honey notes. The mid palate has a depth and creamy note which fills the mouth and belies the very low dosage. As it lingers a clean citrus and mineral edge still pervades to give a finish which is crisp and clean.

Equally at home by itself or with food. Its depth and body will match a variety of foods. It would be a great accompaniment to canapés.

Peterson House Sparkling 2016 Semillon

The wine is straw gold in colour and was made, the aroma shows some developed characters of oily lanolin from the Semillon and creamy note from the yeast.

The palate is full bodied and generous even with the low sugar dosage. Notes of preserved lemons appear on the front palate and then linger through to the middle. At the same time the yeasty notes boost the mouthfeel and soften the citrus note. As it finishes a grapefruit acid zing cleanses the palate and encourages another sip.

Been quite full bodied this suits a variety of food. Entrée and canapés or could match well with chicken, duck or a robust fish dish.

Peterson House Sparkling 2015 Semillon Pinot Noir

The wine has a light golden straw hue. The mousse pours tight and the bubbles persist. The aroma shows both citrus fruits and complex yeasty notes. Upfront the fresh citrus of young Semillon gives a lively introduction. As it moves to your mid palate the yeasty creamy notes blend with more developed fruit flavours. Toasty bread, lanolin & ripe berries fill the mouth, a mix of the Semillon & Pinot.

The finish is crisp & lively and is dominated by some preserved citrus notes, which linger pleasantly after the last sip. Semillon Pinot is a favourite with seafood and as an aperitif.

Peterson House Still 2017 Semillon

Peterson House Still Semillon Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley Semillon is a traditional variety with an outstanding fresh clean fruit palate. A hint of residual sugar makes it an easy drinking style.

The powerful citrus flavours and well-balanced acidity on the palate will allow this wine to develop some more austere mineral and complex characters over time.

Complimentary to any seafood and white meat dishes. Drink now or cellar for as long as you can hold out. This wine will develop and change over time

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