If you would like access to some of the best produced bubbles in Australia, stop by the Petersons Tasting Room in Singapore and delight yourself on our delicious bubbles.

Peterson House pride themselves on being exclusive and have worked with some great people in Singapore to offer our bubbles to the public. This is the first time you can taste Peterson House bubbles outside of our own Cellar Door in the Hunter Valley.

Stop by and have a taste of the famous Pink Blush Rose with its pale pink tones derived from the blending of our white wine base with a dash of red wine. The natural acidity of the wine is balanced by the sweeter finish. You can also try our Dolce Per Tutti Moscato which is the sweetest bubble we have on offer. Dolce Per Tutti means “Sweet for Everyone”. Watermelon pink in colour, the high residual sugar will surprise even those with a dry palate. Lastly you can try our Rouge Lissé an experimental blend of Merlot and Muscat. Ruby red in colour this gorgeous bubble is like a bag of musk sticks straight from the lolly counter. It’s a great accompaniment to dessert, why not try making a classic Australia Pavlova to truly try all things Aussie.

You can also try our gorgeous 2015 Pinot Chardonnay a traditional method of making these bubbles. always great for pre-dinner drinks or would be comfortable with game meats as well as poultry. Or our 2011 Malbec, a full flavoured sparkling red wine  that will suit full flavoured food. Try is with some BBQ fare, particularly big cuts of meat. Beef rump, Lamb shoulder, Pork ribs.

Make sure you call and book your appointment to taste this delicious collection, at Petersons Tasting Room  22 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore+65 8499 9622

You can now buy our fabulous Sparkling Wines online. Available until sold out.

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