Get Cooked for Christmas

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Elevate your holiday cooking game with our "Get Cooked for Christmas" pack, valued at $148.00. This thoughtfully curated collection is the ultimate culinary gift that will have you creating unforgettable feasts and cherished memories.

🌿 Extra Virgin Garlic Oil: Infuse your dishes with rich, aromatic garlic flavors, enhancing every recipe with a touch of gourmet magic.

🍯 Caramelised White Balsamic Vinegar: Elevate your dressings and marinades with this sweet and tangy delight, perfect for adding depth to your culinary creations.

🍊 Orange, Cranberry, Sage Salt: Discover a burst of seasonal flavors with this exquisite salt blend, designed to add a festive twist to your dishes.

👨‍🍳 Black Apron: Equip yourself in style with our sleek, black apron with our stunning pink metallic "Blame it on the Bubbles" logo, the perfect attire for your culinary adventures.

🍾 Sparkling Wines:

  • 2022 Merlot: Effervescent and fruity, this sparkling Merlot will elevate your meals with its bubbly charm.
  • Gateway: Explore a gateway of flavors with this versatile sparkling wine, designed to complement a wide range of culinary delights.
  • Rouge Lisse: Savour the sweet elegance of Rouge Lisse, a sparkling wine that adds a sweet finish to a dining experience. 

All of these treasures come beautifully packaged in a four-pack gift box, complete with a "Merry Christmas" sleeve. It's the perfect gift for the aspiring chef or food lover in your life. Bring joy to their kitchen this holiday season and make every meal a masterpiece. 🎁🍽️🍷🎄